Thank you for the U Čápa charity concert

In October, a concert by the band My3.avi took place in the U Čápa complex. The complex is located in Příchovice, in the region of the famous native Jára Cimrman. There is also the famous Jára Cimrman Lighthouse and Museum on site. During the concert, there was a collection among visitors and the proceeds were donated by CZK 14,500 by the organizer Vlastimil Plecháč and the entire team from ČÁPA on behalf of the Association of Gene Therapy. The paper thus travels to the research of Angelman’s syndrome. We thank you wholeheartedly and appreciate this help. This weekend we visited this beautiful place and thanked Mr. Plecháček personally. We highly recommend a visit to this beautiful area, including the restaurant U Čápa, which is also in  #GastromapaLukaseHejlika .