We support research into gene therapy treatments for rare diseases.

Every help is a great motivation for us and a dose of energy that keeps us going. You can help too!

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Census of patients with Angelman syndrome in the Czech Republic

Our goal

Our goal

Our mission is to connect the worlds of science, medicine and patients.

We concentrate on the future and refuse to take no for an answer. As the first NGO to actively start research in the field of rare disease treatment in the Czech Republic, we aim for a better future for people affected by rare diseases in order to easily access the treatment they need to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

ASGENT is hellbent on helping scientists freely research treatments and potential cures for rare genetic diseases – faced by over 350M people worldwide. This is beyond the number of cancer and AIDS patients combined.

About the research

Read stories of children with Angelman syndrome

The inspirational stories of small heroes who fight against adversity.



ASGENT supported research in reportage on Czech Television

Czech Television23.04.2021

Scientists have published the first results of rare disease research in the Czech Biocev association. The sick boy's parents also help finance their work.

Rare disease research and life with Angelman syndrome as a topic in Science 24 on Czech Television

Czech Television23.04.2021

Thanks to the financial support of the non-profit organization Asgent, scientists were able to prepare a genetically modified mouse model, on which they are testing how to help people with the disease.

Our patrons

Ing. Alexandra Udženija

Ing. Alexandra Udženija

Deputy Mayor of Prague 2

It is very important to promote awareness of such unique research and to help not only Oli, but all children with Angelman syndrome in order to give them and their families hope for a full life.

Jakub Bína

Jakub Bína

Lead singer of Skyline, where he has been active for almost 15 years. Coach - founder of TRANSFORMERS42

I am happy to become an ambassador of ASGENT because it is a project that can help thousands, including individuals like Oliver.

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