New project “Bake for the angels”

With this contribution we would like to thank the grandparents of little angel Kryštof for their project “Bake for the angels”. 

The “sweet breakfast” project was founded by the grandmother and grandfather of a boy who was not lucky enough to be born as a healthy child. Krystůfek suffers from a very rare genetic disease – Angelman syndrome. 
At the Hotel Na Vyhlídce in Kořenov you have the opportunity to have breakfast knowing that you are helping to support a good cause. The Kryštůfek family has decided to send the proceeds from the sweet breakfasts to support the research conducted by Czech scientists working with the Association of Gene Therapy (ASGENT), whose work is to understand the exact cause of the disease and thus find a possible mechanism of treatment.
It is the family’s wish that as many people as possible learn about Angel Child Syndrome, as it is also called, through “sweet breakfasts”. Because believe me, living with an “angel” can be hell! 
Come for a pleasant stay in our beautiful region to the hotel Na Vyhlídce in Kořenov.

Thank you for your support!