Scientific Board

On this page we will introduce you the members of the scientific board of the project and the team members.


Assoc. Prof. Radislav Sedlacek, PhD

Member of BIOCEV Council, Head of Functional Genomics program, Head of Infrastructure – Czech Center for Phenogenomics (CCP).

Radislav Sedláček is one of the leading experts in the field of transgenic and gene-modified organisms, especially geneticaly modified mouse models. R. Sedlacek came to the Institute of Molecular Genetics after long-term foreign residence and his main task was to establish transgenic technology in the Czech Republic so that we are not dependent only on foreign workplaces.


prof. MUDr. Milan Macek, jr., Dr.Sc

Professor Milan Macek Jr. MD, DSc is the chairman of the Department of Biolog and Medical Genetics at the Charles University in Prague – the largest academic medical and molecular genetics institution in the Czech Republic, which also comprises a research and diagnostics reproductive genetics centre. He is also the past President of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG), board member of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology and of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS). His institute contributes to dissemination of knowledge in genetics gathered within various international European projects, such as CF NetworkEuroGentest,  EuroCareCF or Techgene, to Central and Eastern Europe.

Prof. Macek did his postdocs at the Institut of Human Genetics in Berlin and at the McKusick-Nathans Centre for Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. During that time he was also a fellow at Harvard School of Medicine in Boston. He hosted the 1995 HUGO Mutation Detection Course in Brno as well as the 2005 European Society of Human Genetics conference and of the 2008 European Cystic Fibrosis Conference, both held in Prague. Prof. Macek is national coordinator of Orphanet, active member of Eurogentest, has been the chief advisor of the Czech EU Council Presidency  under which the “EU Council recommendation on an action in the field of rare diseases“was adopted in June 2009. He also serves at the EUCERD committee on rare diseases and is involved in the rare disease-focused initiatives EURenOmics and RD-Action.


prof. MUDr. Jiří Forejt, DrSc.

In his research, Jiří Forejt researches mouse genome as a model for understanding the origins of new species and for studying the inheritance of human development and human diseases.The mouse inbred strains PWD / Ph and PWK / Ph, which originated in his laboratory more than 30 years ago are used in genetic laboratories on four continents and its chromosomal substitution strains has been taken over by the Jackson Laboratory as reference in the USA and serve as a biomedical model for systemic genetics.




Ing. Radoslav Hajgajda

Předseda spolku a spoluzakladatel Asociace, táta Olivera
Iniciátor základního výzkumu vzácných onemocnění



Ing. Lenka Matějková

Spoluzakladatelka Asociace, máma Olivera
PR komunikace, kontakt pro novináře



Mgr. Tatiana Aghová, Ph.D.

Som vedkyňa a kurátorka výstavy Doba genová ( Baví ma práca v molekulárnom laboratóriu rovnako ako popularizácia vedy. Som presvedčená o tom, že základný výskum má obrovský význam pre náš život,aj keď to nie je vždy na prvý pohľad vidno. Preto mi je veľkou cťou byť súčasťou Asociácie genovej terapie a spájať vedu a komunikáciu s verejnosťou.