Start of the Project

We never forget the moment when we first read what Angelman Syndrome is. The moment when your heart stops. You have huge lump in the throat, can’t breathe.

And now! 4 months after diagnosis announcement we breathe, we laugh, we enjoy every day and go on.  There are many ways to deal with and face such a reality. Angelman syndrome is incurable disorder “ONLY FOR NOW” we told ourselves right in the beginning. Based on our initiative, basic research of Angelman’s Syndrome as a representative genetic defect was launched in the Czech Republic.

During the last decade science in genetics has made progress comparable to the steam engine  discovery during the industrial revolution. The tools we have realistically available to name one as the CRISPR/Cas method give us the possibilities of what scientists dreamed about a decade ago.

Assoc. Prof. Radislav Sedláček, Ph.D.

Today we are able to create models of human diseases or genetic defects in animals faster and more accurately. We can treat and cure them. We are pleased with how many studies to treat Angelman’s syndrome and similar genetic defects are currently going on around the world. We found information on the different levels and approaches of research across America through Australia to Japan.

As first we contacted Czech Academy of Sciences, where we were promptly directed to the Assoc. Prof. Radislav Sedláček, PhD, Director of Large National research infrastructure of the Czech Center for Phenogenomics, the Institute of Molecular Genetics, who become interested in our project support proposal and included it to their research program. Charismatic results driven gentleman who builded and now leads the state of the art research institution. We are entirely happy meeting him in the right time.

Next logical step was to establish a nonprofit organisation Association of Gene Therapy which primary goal is to co-finance the project and merge possible cooperation partners.

It makes perfect sense to support the science. We will find the new ways or find that this or that way is no go at the moment. There are many possibilities available to be discovered and tested. I every case we will learn something new and will share it with others. On the way we will inspire not only scientists but also the public.