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About us

We are Hajgajda family – dad Rado, mom Lenka and our son Oliver.

Every day we learn something new from our Oliver. We owe him for this project inspiration.

There has been research project on Angelman syndrom as representative genetic disorder started on our initiative in Czech republic.

The aim of the research is to get better understanding of the genes functioning in hope of finding the treatment for not only genetic disorders.


“Without genetics we can look at life with one eye. We are fortunate to live at a time when mankind finally sees by the both. “

After we were told the diagnosis and prognosis … we decided tou use our energy to support the research and scientists instead of mouring on destiny.

We aproached experts who got interested in our idea. They see it as meningfull and shoved dedication to move the boudaries in this area.

We support the scientists from Czech Centre for Phenogenomics hosted by the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i. .

We are sure that his research will come up with new discoveries which will help and inspire both professional reseach as well as public.

On this web you can watch the news about the research and our insights from life with Angelman Oliver.